Very Outside

Industrial Design
Susan Bullers, PhD, MID

User-centered research and data analysis, Inclusive and Universal Design, Prototyping, UX, Systems and Processes, Sustainability


Dr. Bullers’ professional life includes a 25-year career as a Sociology professor, focusing on social research methods and data analysis, social psychology, medical sociology and gender.  In 2018 she returned to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from NCSU, allowing her to combine her sociological perspective and experience with her lifelong passion for design, building, and human-environment interaction.  Her design process incorporates iterative user-centered research, inclusive and universal considerations, and environmental sustainability.  She is especially interested in housewares and, living/working space configurations and systems. 

In elective coursework she was introduced to Public Interest Design and through the Architecture Department and designed a detailed development plan for an affordable rural housing community.  Her Industrial Design thesis involved user research and design of the housing unit itself. The home design incorporated inclusive/universal features as well as social, economic, and environmental sustainability considerations.

Dr. Bullers was awarded the 2021 International Furnishings and Design Association, Irma Dobkins Universal Design Award. She is currently pursuing independent product development and freelance human-centered design research for products, systems and small living/working space configurations.